Sunday, June 29, 2008

Your Who? oooohhh....

Hey everyone!
OMG the M's are winning!! WHOO HOO!!! I am so excited for them to come back home! This week I logged and logged, the games and completed the head shots for next weeks home stand. So Funny story! I was on a shoot to get shots of Johijma signing autographs at the Ronald McDonald's house. Well on the way to the shoot we rode the Moose van and I was sitting next to this guys from Australia and just thinking he was part of the crew handing out stuff to the kids. We all talking making normal coversation and I was showing Steve, the Boss man, my wicked bruise for being hit by the opening pitch in front of 38,000 fans. lol thats another story! So showing of my knuckel bruise and listening to the Aussie talk I had the cool question to ask what brought him to Seattle........
everyone in the van turns and looks at me like I was crazy and the "WTF" look. Hahaha!!
He answered Well I play baseball.....on the team.... I'm a pitcher Number 18.
Oh man! I turned Bright Red!! cuz I couldn't walk away for being soooo embarrassed.
It was Ryan Rowling-Smith.
He knew I was embarrassed and said oh its ok people in Austria don't know who I am. Oh well he was really nice about it and joked with me the whole way there and back. Not only did he recognize me for being the antenna girl (backpack with Huge Antenna) He said I have seen you out on the field.
Later that day Game Time. Well we won the game and I finally got to go on the field with the antenna haha and go in for press confence. Waiting for all the players to enter the dug out, Ryan Rowling-Smith points and laughs at me and says Hi. Of course my co-worker has to yell out "hey she'll never forget who you are."
It was a very very funny thing and everyone I work with thinks its even more hilarious.
So thats a good story for the books. haha

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