Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Hectic Newsdesk

I just finished all of my Newsdesk training.

I love that the Assignment Editor gets to have a hand in everything and knows what's going on with everyone in the newsroom, but there were also nonstop distractions.

Watching 4 TV's (we log what stories our competitor stations put in their A-segments every time), answering and transferring incoming phone calls, trying to hear your own thoughts over 6 police scanners constantly babbling, keeping track of which reporters are doing live shots and where, and looking up story ideas to file from the AP wires, every Colorado newspaper, and all incoming e-mails.... is a BIG job!

I really liked being so busy and so in charge of everything, but it definitely got to a point where it was hard to do soo much multi-tasking. If the police scanners were somewhere else, i think i could have handled the rest of the duties... they are soo distracting! The sound level on them constantly varies and lots of them talk at once and have static interruptions.

I am so glad that KMGH uses inews, because my familiarity with the program gives me an advantage. I didn't realize, however, just how much each inews-using station could personalize it so much. I really like how KMGH has created shortcut buttons for each employee, depending on their position. The producers have the setup best for them, and so on... If you can imagine it, these shortcuts make inews even easier and more user-friendly!

One of the most useful skills I have been picking up lately is learning all of the shortcuts on different computers and for various programs. I am learning all of the inews shortcuts at KMGH, and I am learning all of the Avid shortcuts at my High Noon Entertainment job for the Food Network Challenge. After this summer, I may never use a mouse again!

This week at High Noon, we've been busy with shoots-- there's a live studio audience every time. I have gotten to sit in the audience, assist a few photogs, meet the competitors and hosts, and shadow the producer a bit. At the last one -called the "Battle of the Brides" Challenge, where designers team up with brides-to-be and have to make them their dream wedding cake... in just 8 hours!- The designer who made the winning cake surprised me by giving me an extra rose... The rose, like everything else on the cake, was edible but so beautiful and delicate that I saved it. And it's made with a substance that will last for quite a while and not rot, despite the fact that it's a sugary food product. My boyfriend will be visiting me this weekend, so i'm surprising him by taking him to be part of the live studio audience for the chocolate competition on Thursday.

Learning a lot!

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