Friday, June 6, 2008

Research, script writing and editing

Hello all and happy dairy month!

Weird right--I must be in Wisconsin where they do celebrate such events. Anyway--life here is chugging along. I am almost finished editing a short testimony project I talked about earlier. We got an assignment about two video projects they are wanting to produce next year for various chapters around the country. 2100 definitley has a team approach to producing, so as a team of interns we are researching and proposing several different looks and ideas for the two projects. It's been fun to work together and I think two of our ideas are going to be produced eventually. Hopefully I will be here for that process.

Besides that, I was asked to travel with a small team to Indianapolis (sorry if I mentioned this in my last post--not sure if I did or not) to help tech and run cameras for a conference there. So that should be fun. I'm definitely looking forward to that.

So far so good in WI. They have a much different technique for story telling and editing so it's been great to learn that and broaden my experience base. Glad you all are doing well. It's been fun to see you guys on TV too! Thanks for posting those. Until next week . . .


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