Friday, June 13, 2008

Tornados and floods

Hello all!

Well--if nothing else it has been quite the exciting week weather wise. (But no snow!! I can't believe it snowed in Missoula!!) I have heard the tornado sirens go off 3 times and there has been a massive amounts of flooding. Pretty crazy out here--I have never seen that much rain fall in that short amount of time--and it just doesn't stop. Check out some pictures online if you haven't seen all the damages these rains have caused--it's pretty crazy.

Anyway--work is going well. Life is a bit slower here than it is in college, but I think that's because I (and all of us I'm sure) are used to living such crazy fast-paced lives at school. So it's a nice change of pace. This week we had our photo shoots for the website, so soon my picture will be on the 2100 website. I'll post the link when they get posted. I also got to voice the narration for a multi-ethnic piece which was fun. I finshed up editing the small project I was working on and survived my first show and tell, where pieces are played for the whole production team and feedback is given. Besides that, the 3 other interns and myself have been brainstorming and starting to do some basic script writing for other videos in the works.

That's about it from here. Just trying to stay busy and not get sucked up by the tornados. And I signed up for a pottery class--which I am very excited about.

Until next week . . .


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Holly Baker said...

Oh my goodness Melissa be careful-all the CNN footage of the flooding in your neck of the woods is quite scary. Take care of yourself honey!!