Sunday, June 29, 2008

Calm, Cool, and Collected

The last two days have been a teensy bit stressful at KPAX. Yesterday was the first time Greg, the normal director, was gone leaving the new director and me by ourselves. There was a live shot, and the weather guy was live in Kalispell via KAJ within a minute of each other. I've never been so stressed out! I had a feeling something would blow up in our face. Somehow, though, we never screwed up, which I am completely thankful for. Then today, with fifteen minutes before the show, the producer and anchor decided to add a breaking news stinger, which we don't have on the new non liner system, for a story that occurred two hours prior to the show (i was the only one who didn't think the story was very breaking news by that point). Needless to say, the wrong stinger got put in, I knew and I thought everyone else did too, but they didn't and the anchor was quiet while we sat on a soundless stinger for thirty seconds though we told her to talk. The director was freaking out before and after, a repeat of yesterday. After the show, I was thanked for being the calm, cool, and collected head in the control room. I'm looking forward to a non-stressful day where all I have to do is make graphics and push buttons!!

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Breanna Roy said...

Oh that darn "Breaking News" stinger...

I'm anxious to see all this non-linear system stuff!