Saturday, September 6, 2008

working on a Sat.

Hello fellow bloggers, It's the end of week 4 for me now and I am alomst done with my internship. Only one more week to go. it's been a pretty fast one but hey when your working 6 days a week and 50+ hours it goes by quick. I have a PSA that I am working on for the local food bank and that will be completed next week. I have also been working on local news stories. Yesterday I interviewed the mayor of north pole and today I will be making a vosot about the economic development there. hmmm what else... I will be happy to be getting back into missoula soon.. I think school has already started down there.. I still need to pay for class .. it sucks that student loans won't give you money if your only taking 1 class haha oh well.... anyways I hope everyone enjoyed their summer and I will talk to you guys next week.... thanks have fun.. laterz