Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fun Moment

Fun Moment:

during a 10pm newscast the other night the weather guy pulled a great improv move. I was in the studio that night looking over the shoulder of the guy who controls all of the floor cameras... (they are all robotically controlled, and no people physically touch the studio cams, so it's fun to see the guy in the control booth use the different remote controls!) One of the nicest anchors, Anne Trujillo, had just done a VO on how coffee helps keep women's hearts healthy, and she tossed to weather. So the weather man actually went out the studio doors and filled up a cup of coffee in the break room next door -mind you, this was all DURING his weather cast as he was explaining CG full maps and the week's temps- and he walked back in and handed Anne the coffee just in time to sit down for a 3-shot with the 2 anchors. All three of them couldn't stop smiling about it, and the moment the commercial break started, everyone in the studio busted out laughing.

Not only had the weather guy not planned that move beforehand, but he didn't even have a paper to read off of... he had all of this week's temps memorized! LOL

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