Sunday, June 15, 2008

Week 4: Uplifting Balloon Ride

I'm just coming off my two-week producing rotation and cloud nine. I got to go up in a hot air balloon! Too many storms threatened us going up WAY high, so it stayed tied to the ground. Still, very fun.

Here's my story preview "web element:"

It's a little goofy since I didn't plan to be on camera that day (dressed a little down for producing)
And my package:

I love getting to do it all--shoot/report/edit. Most reporters there get a photog. Even the other intern often does! Hmm..

All this national news (flooding, tornados) is happening so locally--that boy scout camp was just 1.5 hours away and we sent reporters down there. I know Melissa touched on just how wet it is, really, all the rivers are just spilling over; it's unbelievable. And tornado warnings! Yikes! Thunderstorms probably 4/7 nights a week.


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melissaberry said...

Bre Roy--you are awesome. I bet KPAX is kicking themselves now wishing they had used you to report and shoot way sooner. You are doing a great job!! Can't wait to see you in the fall!!