Sunday, May 31, 2009

My news station is better than your news station.

So I've been working at KPAX in our lovely college town for the past week, and it's been great. Luckily I knew some people over there so when things that sounded to good to be true, Cough Bill Knowles Cough, were to good to be true I had a back up. Everyone there is really nice and I've already packaged, and shot stories that have ran. It's been great getting to work in the morning, and then leaving the office to go out on assignment. I miss you all dearly, and hope that none of you are the first reported case of H1N1 in Missoula that I heard about this morning. Cheers -W

Week Two...

Just finished another 40 hour free work week. I earned some tip money though for a shoot I did of Walt Whitman play here in Honolulu. One of the guys in the play has been in Magnum PI, Lost, and just about every other thing shot on this island. I am getting used to the routine around here, and work close to the beach. As far as work goes, i'm loving it. Learning a lot. Will be shooting more footage at the salvation armies addict treatment center this week. Last week we shot an interview with one of the head people in charge. Amazing women. Looking forward to telling this story. Its going to be a lot of work. Almost another Made In Montana. I'll keep you posted.


Friday, May 29, 2009


Hi everyone! I hope your summer has started off great! I am getting ready to make my trip down to California. It will be a two day drive with my six year old nephew and my puppy--anyone want to join? :) The drive should be amazing..I am dropping my nephew off near San Francisco where my brother lives, and I will do a little vacationing there before I head to my mom's in Santa Barbara. Good thing the fires there have subsided! I am almost finished with my background investigation and all that jazz for the Sheriff's Department, only a drug test and finger-printing to go. I feel like I am about to work for the FBI! I am really excited about working there. I should be able to cover things like the SWAT Team and big drug busts along the coast. My other internship is at KCOY Channel 12. They have me producing and editing a few days a week and I get to report on Saturdays! I will have to represent for Montana down there with all those California interns and show them which school is better! I hope you are all off to a great start--sounds like everyone is getting amazing hands on experience!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Post pictures please

Hey everyone--don't you want to see where everyone is interning this summer? Post some pictures of your work place and your internship hosts. We'd love to see anything. Also keep the posts and links to your work coming too. Keep working hard. All right--have some fun too.

Bear Mauls Mark Cuban!

This is the kind of stuff I do every day for the National Lampoon. It's fun and exciting and all that jazz.

Cuban Claims Salmon Harvest Is Rigged

First Blog Entry

Hopefully I'm doin this right.  Its already week 2 for me here in Honolulu.  I'm workin for free, but I have obtained final cut pro on my laptop so thats a bonus I guess.  Tommorow my boss and I are going to the Salvation armies drug rehab place to shoot a public service announcement for the internet.  Should be interesting.  Other than that I have edited a coupe intros to a Ho'ike, (which is like a Luau without the food, and all the dancing and music), as well as the Hawaii Pacific University graduation.  I will keep all posted on further projects, and post them to the blog.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

First Day

I'm interning at KECI in the production department.  It was my first day today and we went through paperwork and what I'd be doing this summer.  We're shooting a promo in Stevensville tomorrow so I'm excited to see how they do it from start to finish.

Interning at KTVQ

I've started my 3rd summer at KTVQ in the thriving metropolis that is Billings... but this time it counts! It's kinda like riding a bike at this point, but boy do they keep ya guessing about what you are doing at work. Today for instance, I was supposed to work in the online department. However, upon arrival to work I was assigned to a series of robberies that occured early this morning. Around midnight, there were four hotel robberies in eighteen minutes! Think they were related? Me too. The police department hasn't released any new info for a while though. So that has kept me fairly busy throughout the day. An old man called to tell me he had suspect information, it turns out he thought his neighbors were responsible because they are young and all have pony tails. Alright folks, enough from me. Hope all your summers are going well.

First Week

So in my first week at KULR-8 in Billings I worked on several different stories in which I did vo bytes for the 5,6 and 10:00 shows. This week I did my first package. It was quite fun! The story was on National Senior health and fitness day and I got to report on the different health classes they were offering at the local retirement home. Pretty much it was all about these cute little old people still staying active! As for work, I really enjoy it. The editing software is so much easier than avid and I get along great with all of the staff.

Interning at the Capitol

I am interning with KFBB NewsChannel 5 in Helena. The offices are located in the basement of the Capitol building. I work with two reporters here, going out on daily stories, shooting, editing, writing and will eventually get to do my own stories.

I am in the middle of my second week and so far I have helped put together a few stories. I am learning quickly that interning in Montana has its perks. I get hands on experience and am able to work directly with the news team.

I think that this opportunity will be really beneficial.