Friday, June 20, 2008


I had the week off which is nice, I am going to la to go to a concert and I will be back and running with full force. My boss, Jerry is getting married on Tuesday and he is leaving me in charge of filming and editing his wedding. Pretty cool. I am also getting another edit on Sunday and will be busy all week. I really like what I have learned. I also like the time that I have had with the camera and I have worked on strengthening my camera skills. I definitely feel more comfortable with the cameras. there are a few different ones that Jerry has so I get a little variety.
Today in San Diego it is a scorching 98 degrees! Way too hot!! Well, I hope that everyone is doing well and staying busy. Happy Summer officially.

Talk to you later gators


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Breanna Roy said...

wow, that's such a big deal! leaving you in charge of his own wedding! that says a lot about you. awesome job, teal!