Friday, June 20, 2008


So thanks for all your concern about the flooding situation. Madison did get hit pretty hard but not enough to shut the city down. A lot of roads were closed going out of Wisconsin, but luckily I had no travel plans. I think the worst is over though.

We finally finished up the student stories we were working on. They aren't that impressive production wise, but it was time consuming to trascribe the entire interview and find the story to tell in 90 seconds. The group process here is slow--but extremely effective. So those are done just in time for the new staff training that will happen next week. We are helping tech the whole week long training which will include setting up and running audio and powerpoint throughout the sessions. We have also been helping set up the stage and helping the graphics dept.

As far as production goes, we got the go ahead to start script writing and story boarding our ideas for the next two videos they want to produce. But then we have to pitch our ideas and get one of the three approved and then really work on making the script perfect. It's along process, and hopefully we will get to at least start shooting and editing it together.

That's about it from here.

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