Tuesday, June 10, 2008

week 3

Hello everyone.
Today is cloudy and kind of cold. Which makes it perfectly alright that I am editing all day. I just got a new assignment and I have plowed through it most of today. It feels good to get an assignment and be able to edit with confidence. Maybe this edit isnt as time demanding as the 1st because I understand the program so much better now. I am happy that I have learned Adobe Premiere, one more tool to put in my belt.
I shot on Saturday which was cool. I get to get my own shots and I can't depend on anyone else to get them, I like that I think this has and will continue to be a good learning experience.
Since I last blogged I have joined a yoga studio and cleaned out my car. You cant leave anything in your car because of the heat! Yet the heat is better than snow, which I hear it is snowing in Missoula. Bummer! I cannot believe it.
Well, I better get back to editing and see if I can finish even earlier. I hope that everyone is having fun. Holly, jealous that you met kristin davis:)

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