Friday, June 27, 2008

Oregon Trail, Cont.

Hello my RTV friends! I was out on vacation for two weeks, but now I’m back in action. Everyone at CCTV has been great to work with and flexible in terms of my schedule. When I got back this week I continued work on some non-profit video brochures. These brochures have definitely become my babies. We had a meeting with my boss Alan to go over a completed brochure and make sure the style was right. After a few adjustments and an initial screening with the clients, my first brochure will be ready to go. I am currently in the midst of working on about six other brochures.

I also did some on-air work this week. A producer here is creating a video technology podcast and wanted a, “cute girl who knew something about video.” (flattered that I fit the bill) There was lots of tech bantering, and I think it turned out well. I have a newfound admiration for all of you who spend time on camera. I’ve never been so paranoid about how my hair looks. As soon as that show gets all put together I’ll post the link so you can all laugh at me.

Working hard – more next week from the beautiful Willamette Valley. (You know, the place you got to at the end of that Oregon Trail game?)

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