Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Snow? For real?

Hello Hello!

So this is week three at KPAX and today I went to Polson to get shots of SNOW. I am pretty bummed that the weather has been so bad lately! Oh well what can you do I guess it gives us something to report! Yesterday I got to go out and shoot footage in Hamilton about solar energy and I also interviewed the installer of the solar panels. Then I came back to the station and wrote a VO/SOT and I got to report it in the studio at 5:30. This was my second time on air and I was a little more nervous... I don't really know why haha.
I cant get over the quality of the cameras we use. The picture is sooo clear! I love it. I have also been doing re writes for the shows and they let me shoot whenever we go out. I start the producing segment next week so hopefully I learn some tricks to help for next semester! I really like everyone at the station they are so friendly and willing to help! They are constantly trying to find ways for me to get in there and report! I really like that.

Hope all is well with all of you!

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