Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Hello all!! Greetings from sea town!

So I'm finishing up my first week at the mariners... Ray no worries Steve says he is faxing my learning agreement asap!!
So far everything has been pretty exciting I got to go out and get interviews with the fans before the game and shoot the pre game with camera 3.. so the first pitch... national anthem etc. Then I got to go around shooting the fans in the stands throughout the whole game.. we lost... but I still was able to go into the press conference with the skipper where each news station asked questions. My second day I worked on the graphics for the big screen which is one of my tasks i complete each day... the head shots of all the players... mariner game notes etc. using avid's decko...

Today I got to meet Steve Pool (the weather man for komo 4) he did a weather day for little kids around Washington. I also worked with the TD today to see how his job works. All in all its been fun so far I work again Friday and Saturday. Saturday will be a event where I will work a camera most likely filming the guest speakers/event.

Should be fun-- hope all is well!!

Kelly Hanson.

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