Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Loving the rain... well not really

Hello everyone, Paige here from rainy Spokane. Apparently before I came in this morning it actually snowed briefly in West Spokane (thankfully far from where I am)! Anyways, I am well into my internship and just have a few weeks left. KHQ has been wonderful! I am editing whenever I can but havn't done anything too awesome yet. When I edit something good (preferably my own story) I will post it on this blog.
Recently I have been writing packages and editing some of them. I've done a couple stand-ups to include in my pachages and hope to do another today. Since I really havn't done a ton of this at school yet I do get a little nervous but am quickly getting used to reporting at the scene of a story.
Here's a few reasons KHQ is awesome:
5. probably the best TV station in the Spokane market
4. photogs are really helpful and help me with projects
3. reporters are nice and pretty funny sometimes
2. I love Spokane (of course...I am from here)
1. There are about 8 Grizzlies around the station! Including another intern- Marianne, a new Producer, one reporter- Paola Cherzad, one photog- Gabe, one promotions guy, the EP, and a partige in a pair tree.
If we can we'll take a picture soon and post it up on the blog.

Enjoy the weather!
Paige Browning

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