Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Almost done : (

Hello Everyone!

Sooo I only have eight days left! It's hard to think I'm almost done! I've been working over 9 hrs a day on average so it's wrapping up around here. I have learned so much around here and I want to remain and intern ha ha! Is that totally weird. I like being the newbie that everyone is excited to teach things to.

Lately I have been working on rewrites and VO/SOT's. My package on the Welcome Home Picnic for the Veterans went on air on Sunday. That was stressful I literally was working on it down to the last minute! I had a great time working on that story. Everyone was so eager to go on camera it kinda got out of hand! I'm surprised so many people want to go on air. Usually its a fight to get an interview with strangers but not lately.

Yesterday I went with the live crew to set up for a live shot at the first Osprey game! It was really fun setting up and hanging out in the stadium before all the fans got there. The shoot went well but the mascot was really annoying! He kept trying to jump in on the live shot.

Everything else is just work work work! I'm finally getting into the swing of things!

Till next week, take care!

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University of Montana Radio-Television Department said...

Aren't they going to keep you on at minimum wage? I would think they'd love to have you around. Dennis said you've been a great addition.