Tuesday, July 28, 2009

KECI internship

This week at KECI we're shooting a commercial for the Montana Club.  It should be a pretty fun shoot because we get to use a camera jib.  They're really cool to see being used, and the guys at KECI let us mess around with it a little too.  It's taking a little bit more effort to get back into the swing of things at my internship because I was gone for about a week for my sister's wedding.  We're coming close to finishing up, and I've learned a lot about dealing with clients and also using new editting software.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Stand Ups

Today I shot stand-ups for stories at the Capital and the Jefferson Memorial - Pretty sweet! I can't believe I am almost done. I have really loved it here. Tomorrow I will finish up a story I have been working on about the construction of a new military hospital at Fort Belvour, Virginia and compile DVD's of the things I have done. Wednesday they are having a good-bye lunch for me and the other intern. Thursday I fly home to Montana! This summer has flown by. Can't wait to see you all again and hear about your summers!

Ich liebe Arbeiten in Fernsehen.

Only four more days of Deutsch and I cannot wait! My inernship has been going good except for the fact that the the best light to shoot with is in the mornings and I have been in Deutsche Klasse at the same times, so I have mostly been in office editting and doing some different studio shoots. Last week we did ID's shoots of all of the on camera talent which was cool cause we worked alot with setting up the lights for different looks on the different people. Other than that it has been pretty much buisness as usual. Hope that everyone is having a great summer and looking forward to the school year starting in four weeks.

5th week..almost there!

Hi everybody! My boss is in Vegas attending FOX promotions conference. Basically, he will go through shows that FOX will be producing and everything that has do with FOX. After that we will be launching new promos for FOX here in Missoula. By the way, its new cable channel is "2" and it is KTMF 23.2.

While my supervisor is away for 2 days I am working with the commercial producer and helping him out with shootings in field and studio. My favorites are studio shoots because we use different set of lighting which makes a huge difference in post-production. Also, last week we had a shoot in Hamilton, Montana. We were driving there with no idea what the client wants, it was sort of writing a script on-the-go. There, we met a client from Maverick group and she asked us to make a commercial for Hamilton Downtown association. It was random, but very fun and creative. We didn't have enough time to think about shots/composition/cuts...we just shot whatever we thought would be cool and interesting to work with in Adobe Premier. Also, I have shot and edited a little animation and now I am exploring endless possibilities of AFTER AFFECTS...my new addiction:)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

4th Week

Well I am in my fourth week of my internship at KULR-8. I can't believe it is almost done. I really enjoy it here, I get a long great with everybody I work with, it will actually be hard to leave. These past few weeks have been a little crazy. For some reason people in Montana, more specifically Billings do not wear helmets when riding motorcycles. Every week we have at least one fatal accident as well as a few serious injuries. It is quite tragic when your top news for two weeks straight is about the next person that slammed their bike into a car. Aside from the dark stuff, it has been really great. I am turning over at least one package a day. I have done stories these past few weeks on lee the horse logger (you can google him if you are really interested...) He is a man that is riding across the US on a covered wagon. I also did a story on MRSA, Car Seat Safety, and Pet abuse. Well thats about it from me, hope all is well!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Beginning of the 4th week...

I can't believe I am half way done!!!HAHA! I actually really enjoy my internship place. It is a nice working environment, and people are being very kind to me. I definitely tried different aspects of media business starting from meeting clients who expect an ordinary commercial and the best thing so far for me is generating ideas at the commercial department. So, when it comes to field shoot clients usually want a specific thing and it is interesting how people working on the set try to distract them. While clients are being "disarmed" (simple conversation or showing some sample commercials), cameraman gets all shots he needs. Everyone is pleased:)
Last we shot the Wake up show; also I helped out with editing commercials for local businesses and weekly promos. The most recent one is Butte Silver Bow Fair. For that I shot Kitchen Guy host Chef Jim on green screen who will have daily demos in Butte, and now I am editing it using some Photoshop elements. And, by the way, one of the most useful softwares I found so far when it comes to creating graphics and text for promos is Apple's LiveType. I love it!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Monday's Finest

Yes, it's Sunday, but I'm going to mention Monday because it was my best work of the week... maybe even of my internship.

Barack Obama's Embarrassing Photos

I think I'm down to two weeks, which is crazy. I can't believe I've come this far. Rock on!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Finally Back

So I have finally returned to Billings to resume my internship at KULR-8. I have about four weeks left here before I have to be back in Missoula for RA training. I'm not sure what is in store these next 4 weeks...I imagine it will be a lot of reporting. My new schedule has me working weekends so I get more on-air time. So far I love it here. The first two weeks were great and I can't wait to get back to work! Hope you all are doing well! :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

3d week at ABC Missoula

Hi everybody. It's the beginning of the 3d week of my internship at ABC station. We are launching 4 more FOX stations, so it's been really busy here. Last week I worked on ABC promos and Craney award promo in Final Cut Pro. It is on the air already. I also had to learn about very important and tedious process-traffic on TV. So I had to go through the traffic to put my promo on TV for 15 days.

Then I worked at Master Control, I captured commercials from server that picks up the satlellite signal to the main feeding system. I worked on a new software NXOS, it is editing software for capturing and trimming short segments. My supervisor and people in the department tell me a lot about media world from inside out and I am getting more and more familiar with the network business which is really cool.

Next thing I did was shooting baseball games at Missoula Osprey!!!I went there with our sports reporter Varun who also showed me Velocity editing software which he usually uses for editing sports. This weekend, hopefully, we will get second camera and shoot together and so I will be able to edit my own shots at Velocity.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


So I am selling advertising for my internship this summer and I have been having a hard time the last few weeks because of a medical problem. I have been losing my voice a lot lately so I went to the doctor and I have vocal cord nodules. I have not had a voice all this week and am becoming frustrated since my internship depends on my voice. Hopefully, if I rest it this week, I will be able to talk tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Tough Story

This week I have been working on a pretty touchy story. 8 doctors in Helena, have left family practice and gone to work for other organizations. 5 have left St. Peters Hospital, and a few others have moved out the V.A. Hospital. I was trying to get to the bottom of why doctors were leaving. I had a hunch, from what I had been hearing in the community, that doctors weren't being treated well at the Hospital, but nothing to substantiate that. I called several doctors, I got responses varying in degree from, "I have opinions on this, but I am not willing to comment" to "I would comment but I think it might jeopardize my career." I finally got ahold of a doctor who left St. Peters a while ago and started her own private practice. She did an on camera interview, exposing a lot of what I heard as rumor to be true.

I then called the Hospital to see if they wanted to comment. I interviewed the PIO and it went pretty well, the questions were answered for the most part, some questions were ducked, but all in all I was happy with the interviews I got. Later they called and asked me to leave out part of the interview. I told them legally I had a right to air it, but the station wanted to maintain a working relationship with the clinic and so we would hold it. The information wasn't specifically necessary to this piece, and I made a judgement call to not use it.

I put the package together, knowing it was going to stir some controversy. My ND was excited about the story and proofed my script. I was really nervous about running this, because one I wanted to represent both sides to the story fairly and accurately and two I also didn't want to burn any bridges for the station with the Hospital and three the doctor was very brave in coming forward with the information.

Before I aired the piece I called the doctor who was willing to talk and read her my script. She said that really put her at ease, because she was nervous about what the Hospital would do to her for coming public with the information, she was also leary about being misquoted.

This story has really been a learning experience for me.

I was told by an owner of aradio station in Butte, Ron Davis, "Always ask yourself if you can live in the community you live in after you air the story." Wanting to stay in Montana and work in Helena, this was a story in which I asked myself that every line I wrote.

Check it out. The broll is really dry but the content is strong.


Today I got a really cool Facebook message - my friend Aaron Flint, ex-KTVQ reporter and UM alum, is serving in Afghanistan right now. He was at a Pizza Hut in Kabul and saw one of my packages airing on AFN, the Armed Forces Network. Awesome!


I hope I never hear "Michael Jackson" again...

It's hard to come up with new ways to mock the news when it's always "Michael this!" and "Michael that!"... blegh!

So this is what I came up with for his memorial service on Tuesday, when I heard that elephants were present.

Elephants Invited To Jackson’s Memorial Service

Click the photo to see it clearly. Their blogging software mangles my images (makes them blurry) when posted.

I can't believe I've been doing this for eight weeks! I thought I would have ran out of ideas by week four...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Hey all! I hope everyone's internships are going well!

I havent had a chance for an update yet. At both places we have been non-stop busy with Michael Jackson coverage. At KCOY, it’s been story after story about the local impact...blah blah blah. Don’t get me wrong, it is sad, and he did live here for 20 years, but come on people! A lady I interviewed at Neverland Ranch was saving a piece of pizza for Michael incase he came back!! I have been out to the ranch three times now to get interviews and broll for packages. I can’t even explain to you all the media frenzy there! Reporters from all over the world were there, and I mean from everywhere! I met some prima-donna reporters from LA and some not so nice guys from the AP, and some really nice Japanese and Australian reporters. It was cut throat out there for live-shot coverage and interviews. I shot a cool standup outside the gates of Neverland in front of all the other reporters and tons of fans, which was pretty intimidating. I will have about three packages all said and done on MJ.

At the Sheriff's Department it is the same situation, completely different experience. The S.D. raided the ranch in 2003/2004, so some people weren’t the kindest to us. However, since they were in charge of security at the ranch, I got to see some pretty cool things. I was able to be the first camera allowed behind the gates before all the networks scheduled time to go live for their shows. I even got to meet Matt Lauer as he landed secretly in his helicopter for the Today Show. It was pretty weird when I would take the camera out of the gates to get broll for the department. Everyone would film me because they thought I was of importance since I allowed inside the gates. People were seriously going nuts. I will put pictures up soon!

Other than all this drama, I have been learning a lot here. At KCOY I am being sent out with photogs to report, and have a large role in writing and editing stories for the newscasts. I have also been able to produce the weekend shows too. I have been shooting stand-ups on every story I go to, which is really making me think on my feet!

At the S.D. I have shot more stories on the gun and taser training. I have an upcoming story where I get to go up in a helicopter with the dive team and shoot them jumping out into the water for water rescue training. I also went to the courthouse to get video for a story about Jesse James Hollywood, who is facing the death penalty, and did a stand-up there too. He is who the movie Alpha Dog is based on. The S.D. has been a nice change from the newsroom. Getting out and shooting these stories are completely different than the hard news stories at KCOY. I think they are both benefitting me in different ways.

Other than working 50 hours a week, I have managed to have a little fun. I have been going to the beach and working on my tan :) I am going wine tasting soon, which I can’t wait for!

I am excited to hear more from everyone! I can’t believe summer is half-way over!

Monday, July 6, 2009

2 week at ABC

Hi people! It's really nice to work at ABC station, seriously! And I've never seen Missoula in such bright colors and I am glad to stay here this summer (I've always went back home for summer).

Anyway, week 2 has started, and it's going to be really busy. I will be directing "The Wake Up Show" on Wednesday and work on commercial for Wingate Hotels. I have to write a script with a complete shot list, audio and other kind of sound/video effects, go for a shoot and edit it, plus I will be creating graphics and lower thirds. Later this week I will work on graphics for the Wake Up show.

Last week I digitized big analog tapes from Family Guy, Deal or No Deal and other daily shows, I edited their promos and tagged them for the upcoming week. I met with the clients for Wingate commercial and also I went for couple of other meetings with clients to show them commercial products that were made the week before I started my internship. It was really nice to be involved in different stages of commercial making business. Also, I was a camera operator for the Wake up show and I helped with creating the set. My supervisor told me that this week I will be working in control room for the show. The latest thing I worked on is a promo for one of our creative services producer James Sally who won E.B. Craney award and 1st place in TV station promotions. Yahoo!

I hope everybody enjoyed 3-days weekend and 4th of July!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Timely News In Various Cities

There was no home game and no video shooting for week 4, so I basically worked on in-house and road game tapes.
In contrast it was pretty busy having home games during week 5. As usual I updated Deko graphics, game notes and so on for the scoreboard. I operated one of the field cameras during games and I started learning how to use another field camera also. I'm getting used to follow the ball and to get hero shots and some highlight shots for the ballpark screen. It is pretty exciting that more of my camera shots got taken for the screen by a director during the game.
Everything that happened in week 6 was unbelievable and amazing. I met a sports photojournalist who is taking photos for MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, and UFC, writes sports magazine articles and also writes travel guide books and some other magazine columns. Photojournalism is different from what I'm doing, but he invited me to go to Los Angeles with him because the Mariners were going to play against Los Angeles Dodgers. He said he could let me inside of the Dodger stadium to introduce me to people there, and I could get to see the control room, press box, and some stuff. Of course I said "Yes" for this great offer. It was too sudden and so random, and my boss and coworkers were surprised that I actually agreed to go down there with him because it was just a day before we were heading to LA. So, I reserved my plane tickets and decided to stay there for 5 nights.
For the first day in LA, the photojournalist took me to Dodger stadium. He got a media pass for me, and I took a look in the press box, and around the stadium. It was pretty interesting to compare their different camera locations and angles with Mariners ones. I also checked photojournalists working. After the game we had a memorial ceremony for Michael Jackson with great fireworks and music on the field.
On the next day we woke up early to meet up with a photo cameraman from Tokyo. Since the sports photojournalist can write articles and has many job offers from various genre, he got a phone call from Tokyo for Michael Jackson's newspaper article. So eventually I worked with them as an assistant and drove to possible places where we might hear the latest information about Michael, like Michael's home in Beverly Hills, the Grammy Museum in downtown and etc. I interviewed Michael's fans and security guys for possible info and gossip. At the same time I kept taking photos. I know it was really emotional moment seeing people crying, praying, and kneeling down, but I was feeling more like we got to report what is going on. I needed to talk to tons of people until I got heard unreleased information about Michael. I couldn't believe that the information we heard at the time was on the air in the next morning. After we were crazily moving around LA for the breaking news, me and the sports photojournalist headed to Dodger stadium for his photo work. He introduced me to a Dodger stadium video producer who is also working for Los Angeles Lakers. The producer suggested me to follow him working on cameras at the game. I even learned the different camera use for inning breaks. The producer also talked how he got his job, what he believes for his job, what kind of attitude/ passion is needed for his job and so on. The sports photojournalist also introduced me to a producer/ director at Los Angeles bureau of one of the top Japanese TV stations.
On the third day in LA we went to Dodger stadium for a day game. After our work at the ballpark, we drove to see the photo camera guy who was waiting for some news in front of Michael's house all day long. There were still other media people but we started thinking that nothing will happen at the time, and it would be better to go to BET Award where Michael's dad, Joe was attending and to wait for Joe's possible comment. We dropped the cameraman off at the Shrine Auditorium, then met with a Clippers scout man for a magazine interview.
On the fourth day, we attended Clippers press conference about their new player, Blake Griffin. I got a media pass and met the scout man again. I kept taking photos and videos listening interviews at the press conference. Later I saw online news about the press conference with a photo which just looks like mine. At the press conference I helped a CNN reporter shooting video. It was funny that he has the same name as mine (I mean, the pronunciation is the same). After the press conference we drove down to San Diego, and the photojournalist got a media pass for me again to get in to Petco Park. I was thinking to go to San Diego by myself, but he actually arranged his work so that he could take me inside of Petco Park not as a fan but as a media and also I didn't have to spend money for the transportation to San Diego. I was taking a look around the stadium to see the camera setting, and also went inside of media deck where photo people working.
For day 5, I went to the control room to ask if I could get to see inside. They were willing to show me around even it was right before the game starts. Also I went to see the press box and suite level.
It was a really really long week and I barely slept, but it was an amazing experience. I'm glad that I got this great chance to get involved in MLB and NBA media, and breaking news. Also I really appreciate that the sports photojournalist took care of me really nicely all the time even for the expenses there. I cannot write or describe all here, but besides camera, I've also learned so much stuff personally and mentally. 

Saturday, July 4, 2009

A 4th to remember

Work on the 4th was fairly typical for a weekend. I was the only reporter around after 6pm... and also the only one to edit the rest of the show. Being used to this, I shot a VOSOT for 5:30 and 10 and a separate PKG for 10 early in the afternoon so I could have time to do all of the work (no break of course). That's about when hell broke loose. A thuderstorm and hit Billings and a man was struck by lightning... this occured about five minutes after a motorcycle accident where the victim was having CPR preformed on her... remember, I am the only reporter and the show isn't anywhere near ready to go. Luckily, the anchor and director were able to go to the sites while I collected info and handled about 10 phone calls from concerned viewers about firework displays being cancelled. With about 30 minutes left until the show absolutely nothing was ready... Long story short- we somehow got the show off. I was supposed to go live in the newsroom about the lightning situation, but the camera died, and we didn't have enough people to man the camera's and the audio board anyway, so it kinda worked out... really hectic. but hey, that's the news, right?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Oh the joys of working in a bureau

I just found out that they are moving the reporter that I am interning under up to Great Falls for 10 days. They are going to be permanantely moving her there soon. That means I am alone in the bureau, and all on my own!

I had my first day in the office by myself today. I wrote, shot and edited three stories (vosotvo). So much for the days of one package a week! I covered a pro life rally, and a waterslide closure at the water park, and did a firework safety piece. You can check them all out online at kfbb.com.

I am really getting hands on experience, I am working completely independently. Working in a bureau is much different than working in a newsroom. I set my own schedule, and have very little contact with the station. I call into the station in the morning, then go do my stories and have to have them sent up to Great Falls by 5pm for the 5:30 show.

The Helena Bureau contributes a lot to the newscast for only having one news reporter. Christina (the reporter I have been interning under) often contributes 3-5 stories, which ends up being about 30% of the newscast. As a beginner I thought contributing 3 stories for the rundown today was pretty good!

The downfalls of working in a bureau, are you get the crappy equipment, the least amount of feedback and often feel lonely working in a office alone.

That wraps up my weekly summary... hope everyone else is doing well.
Here is a link to the pack I did today on Search and Rescue http://www.kfbb.com/news/local/49737982.html

Week Four

This is my fourth week at Soldiers Radio and Television, marking my half way point of the internship. I really love it. I am now working on radio newscasts everyday - the other intern and I will be doing most of them soon as the regular radio anchor is being deployed. Yesterday I finished a short package on the new GI Bill and today I did one on a health fair at the Pentagon. I am getting better at shooting as well as working on my voice. Plus, my skills on Avid have definately improved! Tonight I sat in on a panel discussion with journalists from around DC talking about the future of journalism - very interesting.

http://www.army.mil/media/amp/?bcpid=6981683001&bctid=28212782001 this is one of the radio newscasts I produced and anchored. Pretty cool! It aired at the bases and online.

Tomorrow I am helping to shoot a story at the Pentagon.