Friday, June 20, 2008

A Part of the Team

That's how I felt this week. I've reached that saturation point where all the little tasks I've been given by the staff here have accumulated to a real contribution. Just yesterday, as I was sitting in on a meeting, my advisor off-handedly asked when I'd be leaving. She actually seemed startled to hear that I'd be gone in just a couple of weeks. "But no, you should try to extend it."


Last week I was telling everyone about this old/new school linear editing system, "Lightworks." Well here's a picture of the controller I described. That circle in the center is the size of your palm and your fingers fit it that groove above it. Still undecided.

Also, so get this. Loopline does their own video mastering (they contract out the mastering of their audio.) So in order to get their films up to theatrical quality, one of the programs they use is this program Color. The software works in tandem with Final Cut Pro, and basically is like a souped-up color corrector times ten. It also has it's own €5000 controller to get just the right look.

Alas, I have to run. I get play photographer for another super top-secret museum archive search.

excl slán!


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