Monday, June 9, 2008

The Old Ballgame

I’m finally able to blog after a hectic week of production. So here it is:

This week was one of the busiest in the year for CCTV. It started out with the men’s USSSA Slow-pitch Softball tournament. Three days full of softball and live TV work. I helped set up all the cameras and hook up the production truck on the day before the tournament. There were 5 cameras set up around the field, so a complicated production. I am continually amazed by CCTV’s ability to create a professional result with limited staff and new volunteers. At softball tournaments, the production crew is able to create DVDs immediately for team members to buy and take home. These sold quickly, especially for the championship games. The production manager Ken is going to let me direct a women’s softball tournament in the next couple weeks.

I’m continuing to work on nonprofit brochures, editing and filming some things now too. The two nonprofits I’m currently assigned to are a homeless shelter and a day care for struggling families. Totally tearjerkers if I do say so myself.

The end of the week brought graduations. I’ve now heard pomp and circumstance about 1000 times. There are 6 graduations in 3 days here in Salem, and CCTV does on site production for all of them. I worked at two, once as a camera operator and once on audio, and of course there were hours of set up and take down. I’ll be an expert coiler at the end of the summer – watch out world!

Hope everyone’s doing well, have a good week!

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