Tuesday, June 3, 2008

update 2

Hello Everyone!

I am still loving KHQ...the, reporters, producers, news director, assignment editors, photogs, anchors are all awesome!!!

On the Weekends I usually go out with Paola...who is a UM alumni...and very helpful...Sunday we each wrote a package on Kevin Coe "The South Hill Rapist"... pretty creepy stuff....then she helped me do an as-live so that was GREAT practice...After the 6pm news show, she watched my as-live with me and gave me some pointers...which is awesome cuz i definitely need them!!

Yesterday (monday) I went all over Spokane with another reporter...it was a super slow day...and her stories kept falling through...but we ended up doing one about "comcast dating on demand"....yes for those of you who don't know you can do more than online dating know you can date through the TV...And best news of all...KHQ was the first station in Spokane with the story and we even beat the Press Releases!!! ohhh and if you guys are interested...check out KHQ.COM or just go ahead and make a trip up to The Big Easy or Fast Eddy's in Spokane to create your on profile for Comcast Dating on Demand...

Ok...then today...another pretty cool story or at least I thought so...I went to Colton, WA...and we interviewed a 16 year old boy from Colton High School that was riding the bus to school and noticed the driver kind of slumped over and the bus was going off the road...the kid grabbed the wheel and steered, the bus driver, himself, and nine other passengers safely into a wheatfield...the bus didn't even have a scratch...pretty neat huh...anyway I wrote a package for that and did another as-live...so hopefully I'll get the hang of being "live" pretty soon!

Thats all for now!!! Hope everyone else is having a great time!!!
Ray my form is in the mail tomorrow!