Monday, June 23, 2008

Same old Same old

Since I cant remember to do anything, I'm now starting my internship. Ya for procrastinating and forgetfulness! Life at good ol' KPAX is the same as it has been since school's got out. I show up around three, create graphics, ots's, plasmas, eyecams, and then when its time for the show to start I get to technical direct. At least now I only screw up about once every few shows on the technical directing front which is a huge plus. I'm also getting better using Photoshop. I made a standard bike graphic look all wrecked and twisted on Saturday. It was neat. Well, that's all. Hope everyone else is having a blast.

1 comment:

Breanna Roy said...

that's so cool, sam. i'm sure you're doing great.
but i should point out to others, you never DID mess up a your accuracy doesn't surprise me!