Thursday, June 26, 2008


It's finally sunny in seattle so it finally feels like summer!! The mariners are currently out of town until June 30th but last Tuesday I worked an event called "Girls night out" Where 4 lucky winners got a 500 dollar shopping spree at the mariners team store and a full spa day make over.. so facials... hair... makeup... pedicures... manicures the whole nine yards. Olav (one of amanda and i's bosses) let me shoot aton of the footage so that was pretty awesome. He couldn't really handle the girly stuff haha. I met Jen from 101.5 (a radio station here) and she was really nice and gave me alot of insight into how she got her job. The day was long... 5 am till 6pm. But it was worth it for the hands on experience and anything to get out of logging game highlights!! haha. Today I did game highlights... and helped finding certain shots for our new manager. Since everyone is getting fired this internship has proved to be a very eventful one lately. Hope all is well with everyone!!


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