Thursday, June 19, 2008

Oh Poor M's.. Who's Next...

Hey peeps!
The M's are going great! Its been soo fun!! Its too bad everyone is getting fired!! Its a new day everyday at Safeco field. I have worked the cameras and followed the hand held camera, I wear the backpack with the antenna its pretty dorky but whatever I get to go everywhere! The field, the locker room, press conferences! And IF we win we run of the field, that is when you can see me or Kelly on the field. Its been really super! I do the decko projects with head shots and all the info for the screen. I am working on making SWEET head shots with photoshop for the 80's night I have to make them look goofy. And LOTS and LOTS of logging tap!its really a never ending process. Me and Kelly got to watch the production of a commercial with the moose and watched them edit. That was really neat.

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