Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Last Post

So this is my last post on the blog. I just filled out my paper work so I'm technically done now. Here's some interesting news for my post-grad career so far. I'm actually doing something that kinda involves journalism. Who knew? I'm starting to review films for a blog called the I'm going to start to blog about film, which in case if you didn't know me is an obsession of mine. I've never written formally for a blog before, but have written film reviews. It's for a film called the Disappearance of Alice Creed. You can find the review at this link.

I would love to build up a resume of reviews like this to possibly one day write for a publication, or trade.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Last Week at Chisel by Sarah Grant

My last few weeks at Chisel have been a learning experience to say the least. I was given the opportunity to go on a six-day shoot in Hailey and Boise, Idaho. The shoot was for two spots with Idaho Power. I worked as a production assistant - running errands, working as a grip, doing craft services, and any other jobs that came up that they needed me for. The shoot was also really inspirational. First, we spent a few days in Hailey at Sagebrush Ranch. The trainers there use equine therapy to help physically and emotionally handicapped children, adults and veterans. They "provide a unique form of therapy through the use of a horse." There were so many people there with stories of miracles and happiness. I really enjoyed being a part of that shoot. The connection to Idaho Power is that some of its employees volunteer their time there. The commercial will be on their facebook page if you're interested. The other shoot in Boise, was with Global Gardens. It is an organization that helps refugees grow food for their families, and they also sell veggies to restaurants and people in the Boise area. Idaho Power owns a large piece of land and allows Global Gardens to use it for these purposes. I spent a lot of the first day of the shoot with refugee children (making sure our gear didn't get touched...) It was really interesting to talk and learn from them, they've gone through so much at such a young age.

Below is a video I compiled of all of the work that I've done here, along with descriptions of my contributions. It's long, so feel free to scrub though if you get bored. But be sure to watch the piece for Providence at Work - I did voice-over selects (went through hours of footage of people saying sound bites) and edited the piece. It was then passed on to the chief editor to tweak, but I spent many many hours editing it.

Friday, August 6, 2010

The End In DC.

Hello all for the last time this summer. I am ending my internship here in the Capital on a high note. Even as I write this on my final day, I' am cutting one final story that will be airing as I fly home, my sixth story to reach Air. My time with WAMU has been amazing. The amount of learning, voice and story development, and the people I met and worked with have made my time here a very positive experience. I will miss the time spent in the news room here, but I know in time that Ill be right back in it. Hope everyone had a great summer, and if you need me I'll be in the Clark Fork until school starts up again. Peace out.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

French internship complete!

I’m back from my internship in Perpignan, France. It was a whirlwind of international reporting, complete with translation, videography, writing, still photography, and website development.

This internship was an excellent opportunity to utilize and hone the skills I learned throughout the last year of grad school at UM. I’m excited to get back to the School of Journalism and apply the new skills and ideas I picked up in France!

Please visit to view the stories by the 18 students who were a part of the Perpignan Project. You can also go to in order to view the list of my four blog posts and my multimedia story, “Saving the Strays.”

Photo: Videoing community members of Saint-Nazaire, France who were looking for stray cats.