Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Halfway Through

So we just got done with Hoopfest weekend, which was chaotic but very fun to be a part of. The first day, went with a KXLY Sports Reporter and a cameraman to shoot four different stories at Hoopfest. Unfortunately, because of the time constraints of the packages being shot, I only got to do a little camerawork on the last package shoot, but I learned a lot about time management and the importance of having a story developed in your head before you get back to the station. The second day, Dennis asked me to help out with the KXLY Promotions Department, which basically consisted of throwing free KXLY gear into the crowds in between the Elite games-- they included fans, bags, and mini plastic basketballs that were blue (please refrain from making a "blue balls" joke because I probably heard it 20 times when I passed them out to guys...)

On a different note, I got to film an Arena football game last weekend (Spokane Shock). I did all of it with a camera on my shoulder, which proved to be very painful the next morning--never again will I complain about using a tripod. It was great being right up on the board to film the action, but it was extremely difficult following the ball on each play through a lens. I get to review my footage tomorrow...
I've also gotten to conduct several interviews with the Shock players. That's been my favorite part because it seems to come so naturally after all the practice that we've had in class.

I'm on my way to help film a Minor League Baseball Game Tonight. I filmed a couple plays last night and it was SO hard! You have to follow the ball while being aware of who's on what base. On top of that, you need to be able to adjust the iris when the ball moves in and out of shaded areas and quickly zoom in and out--all in one play!

I've been given to the go to anchor a sports segment on air when I feel ready--I think I may give it an extra week or so, but I'll keep you guys updated. Hope everyone's internships are going well, it sounds like you are all getting a lot out of them.


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