Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Please stay off the ice

Hey all. This is the beginning of my second week at KECI in the production department. So far I have gone on two shoots, one in Ronan for a bullet manufacturer and one here in Missoula for an Oncology practice that we shot some cancer survivior testomonies. Other than that life goes on fairly well the same. We are editing on Adobe Premier 6.5 and it is very similair to Avid and Final Cut Pro. Logging, capturing, and a lot of doing while someone instructs from afar. So far on the shoots both Jamie and I have asked to work on lighting and we have set up lights and been able to see the huge difference that they make if used right. The production department is great here and fits me perfect for right now. Commercials are fun and give you a lot more leaway as to what you can shoot and the different "artistic" shots that just dont make there way into the news. Hit ya up again next week. Stay off that ice brah.

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