Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Life and Times of a Helena Intern

Okay people go ahead and laugh, Marnee is shooting sports. Today I went out with the Helena sports reporter Becky Holley. Miss Holley is the bossy one, and the one who tends to talk back (I do adore her). Today we shot a package on a once big league athlete who fell from glory because of alcohol abuse.

I am still working on the series of 5 packages entitled "Daytrips on a Dime". I have driven the news car (one up you Herbie), to Virginia City, Phillipsburg, Marysville, the Flathead Valley and Choteau. I also shot a feature on skydiving, if you all checked out my facebook profile you will see the injuries I got during my fall through a hail storm! My on camera work is now delayed until the bruises and welts dissappear. I should have gotten an internship with MTPR.

Oh and my number one internship accomplishment for the week is that I turned in my learning agreement to Ray!

I will post links to my stories once they air.

I miss you all, and can't wait to play catch up in the fall.

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