Thursday, June 11, 2009

Do you have a digital converter box?

Well another week is just about in the books, and I guess the major thing going on for me this week would be the digital conversion.  Our control room has seen some changes in equipment, but it really has not affected my job.  I am looking forward to the end of all the DTV PSAs, the daily countdown has gotten pretty old.  On another note, we also had some breaking news today when a massive fire started in a tire warehouse in Butte.  Because it was in Butte, I didn't get to do anything fun like rush to the scene and shoot, but I did get to see the other end of coordinating breaking news by working with your affiliates.  So we got the information together, got a live feed of the station's eye-cam up and running and were able to be the first station to get info on the fire to the people.   So even though I didn't get to actually take part in the exciting part of breaking news it was good to see how it gets handled when you have to coordinate everything with the affiliate station.  Also one last side note, Willi will be joining me on the morning show these next couple of weeks so once again the RO Drift Boats MIM dream team will be reunited and on the airwaves of western Montana. Until next time...

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