Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Week 2 in DC

Hey all! Week two is kicking off wonderfully in DC. I've had 3 stories air so far in the week and 2 days that I've been interning which is exciting. I'm receiving a lot of positive feedback from the assignment editor and reporters and constructive criticism and advice. The assignment editor and one of the senior reporters are really impressed with my tracking and how I sound on air, which is so very encouraging. AND they are looking at hiring two reporters so I hope to look into that and hope my chances will still be high, despite that I'm just out of college and am an intern there....We'll see how that all goes! :P

One of the other interns and I were very productive today on working on our series on Education and the Economy. We collected nat sound from a hs graduation and collected some names of students who graduated. We talked to a college guidance counselor with a private school and a woman who works at the station (but not in the news dept) has a daughter who goes there who happened to have a bunch of friends over and we were able to interview all of them! Very exciting! The other intern was worried because we hadn't gained much progress, but I think we're both very satisfied with the work we accomplished today!

Also, today I helped with a double ender for Pat Duggins, who is an NPR reporter for a station in FLA. He generally covers the big NASA liftoffs and such and I helped him interview a fellow who works for a private space company, SpaceX. He talked with the fellow over the phone and I held a mic in person and sent the file via FTP (better sound quality than over the phone). Plus, I made $75 for holding a microphone for 20 minutes! Nice, especially when my internship is unpaid.

If you ever have any time listen to some stories (esp mine :P ). They can be found at wamu.org/news/.
My most recent story was on a mass for people who donated their bodies to science.
Fun times!!

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