Saturday, June 6, 2009


Seems to me I'm one who's been doing an internship the longest and still haven't written anything about it. Well, here goes.

Roughly mid-April (I think) I responded to the Program Director for Energy 107.5 FM here in the lovely Garden City. He was looking for someone with a basic knowledge of HTML and a more expert knowledge of Twitter. How could I have turned him down? Currently, they're re-vamping the website to be this crazy interactive online home, so to speak, for their listeners. Die-hard fans have the chance to upload pictures, video, audio clips, and txt messages to a clog (still haven't deciphered this new inter-word [and no, it's not a wooden shoe you'd wear in the Netherlands]), chat with other people in the area, stream the radio station, and all kinds of other stuff I'm sure none of you are interested in. I've been participating in the chat room and have e-met quite a few unique Missoulians.

On the Twitter end of things, I was responsible for establishing four new accounts with subjects the listeners were interested in. From there, I was to research four RSS feeds per account that would automatically update through tweets. The four I made up are as follows: - Concert listings for all of Montana and other large cities in the region. - Upcoming movies, traliers, cool theatrical stuff - Health, weight loss, other things - Sex and relationships, etc.

The links provided from the RSS feeds were supposed to link to Energy's website as a "middle-man" to generate more hits on the website. The idea is to get people to the website, find something else they may be interested in, and click around from there. Though it's not working now, apparently it wasn't my responsibility to get that established.

(I apologize if I've lost you in all this inter-speak, this post is long enough as it is.)

Aside from the internerdy duties, I've been helping out with events put on by the radio station. Last weekend they sponsored a giant free BBQ at Bonner Park. I ended up with the wonderful duty of monitoring children in the moon bounce. By the end of the day my hands smelled like little children's armpits and it solidified the fact that you'll never see any offspring from me.

This next week they're sponsoring a night at the movies on Wednesday, to which I'll get to see "The Hangover" again for free, simply by showing up and handing out passes. (The movie is hilarious, go see it!) Thursday the station is sponsoring the "Unite the Mic" tour, setting B-Real from Cypress Hill and Bizzy Bone from Bone Thugs on their new project (be still my beating heart.....) so I'll be there helping set up, schmoozing "rap" stars, etc.

By my calculations, I'm nearly done with my duties with the station. My one "final project" is to try and find someone who would want to take over after I'm done. It has been fun and the people at the station are absolutely great, so if you're interested, let me know.

Hope the rest of you are keeping busy and having fun!

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natalie neumann said... you're the one who keeps inviting me to all these crazy 107.5 events and twitter pages and such! :P

Nice work!