Friday, June 12, 2009

First Three Weeks In Seattle

So I'm interning for Seattle Mariners this summer and I've spent three weeks here already. Here're what I've done with them so far.
Week 1: I started my internship on a home game day at Safeco field. That was the best day as my first day of internship because I saw my favorite player, Ichiro practicing batting really close. I assisted the green room shooting which I had my another favorite player, Gutierrez right in front of me. It was pretty exciting moment. I updated Deko graphics for game notes, sports headline, trivia, etc of upcoming game. I also assisted roving RF camera for in-game production, like fan shots and so on. I also assisted interviewing players which was all in spanish and all of us had no idea what they were talking about. On non-game days, I logged game tapes. Oh and my boss made me go on a stadium tour for some extra information at Safeco field. It was actually a pretty good tour and we can even get inside of visitors' room. Press box was pretty amazing to me also.
Week 2: I logged game tapes, and also assisted updating scoreboard for WIAA Washington State Baseball Championships which took place at Safeco field. I did the same things as week 1 on game days. It was pretty exciting to be on the field to get some winning shots of players.
Week 3: I had the same routine for game days, and I learned how to use a field camera for live game shots. We didn't have any extra innings on that night, but the game was really long... took like 4 hours. So it was really good for me to get used to the field camera as much as I wanted. It made me really tired under a lot of pressure too. I assisted a green room shooting with Jakubauskas and Quiroz. They are really nice and friendly, and they even shook hands with me. I logged game tapes and assisted shooting pre-game promos of recycle at Safeco field. Shooting recycle video allowed me to see some different sides of Mariners, like how each person contributes for the team where/when we even don't see them. I assisted pre-game Mariner Moose video shooting, too.  I guess it was the first and last time in my life that I hear any mascots' "real" voice and actually get to talk to them in person. I also appear as an extra on the Moose video. We also went outside shooting for an upcoming Gutierrez bubblehead commercial. I love these bubblehead commercials... they really make me laugh. My boss took several pictures of us working as a "proof of internship," so I guess I might post some of them here sometime later...

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