Thursday, June 4, 2009

So I just got done with my 3rd real day at KXLY in Spokane. I was feeling pretty confident the first day after they asked me if I knew how to use Avid and INEWS. And then they told me to build the sports block for their 11 o' clock show. It is amazing how much harder INEWS is when you're introduced to new commands (FS and BAM, for example) and when you don't have your classmates' rundowns to reference! Today, they had me build the 6 o'clock sports block and went through it when I was done. Think back to when you sat next to Denise while she went through your rundown with you and wrote a tally mark every time you did something wrong--it was like that except for when they found three errors in the rundown, they didn't tell me what they were, they told me to go back through and find them (that was fun, let me tell you). I learned a lot from that exercise though, and when they told me to also do the 11 o' clock block for that day, I had it completed in 20 minutes. I even got to edit some highlights that will air here in about 10 minutes. I've already learned a lot from Dennis (who hired me), and he tries to lighten the mood by making jokes throughtout the day, including telling me that I'm fired--which leaves me laughing or on the verge of tears because I can never tell when he's joking. Hope you all are enjoying your summer!


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