Thursday, June 11, 2009

First Week in California

Hi everyone!

So I am almost done with my first week at my internships. My background investigation was finally finished this week at the Sheriff's Dept. in Santa Barbara and I got right to work. I am really excited about working there because I not only get to shoot and write stories, but I get to see the other side of how the media works pertaining to law enforcement. They are teaching me how to deal with law enforcement as a reporter and tricks to getting information. The PIO (Public Information Officer) I am working with was an anchor/reporter for 20 years, and he is really teaching me a lot.

This week I got to shoot a story on the Special Olympics Torch Run, which law enforcement does to raise money. Since I am with the Sheriff's Dept. I get to shoot wherever I want, while the other reporters have to stay back.

Yesterday I shot an amazing story. During the Jesusita fires that recently damaged Santa Barbara, two firemen were trapped and badly burned in a house, but saved by two Sheriff's Deputies. They all met for the first time yesterday where the firefighters wanted to thank the others for saving their lives. I am heading to the area where the house burned with one of the Deputies soon to get broll.

I have been given free reign to choose stories I want to shoot. I am planning on going out with the SWAT team, the Dive Team, Search and Rescue, and I am getting set up to interview a very notorious California murderer who is in the prison here. Pretty soon I get to start going out on calls at any time of night whether it be murders or stand-offs. I even get a bullet proof vest. I have also seen some pretty funny celebrity mugshots that have come through the station!

We recently had a bank robbery and a high profile death, so the office was crazy and the media called all the time. Its funny how annoying some of them can get! (TMZ!!) I am really learning a lot about how to approach and not to approach law enforcement.

I am given lots of information about important cases that I am not to repeat to anyone. I have been recused from any cases dealing with the Sheriff's Dept. while at KCOY. Its kind of scary having all this information and having to watch what I say at the TV station. The news director is watching out for me so no reporters try and get info from me!!

At KCOY I have been doing a little bit of everything. Saturday I produced the evening newscasts and edited a bunch for the show. I worked the assignment desk a little but now I will be going out with reporters all the time. I will be able to go out with my own photog on Saturdays too! They even told me I am the best writer out of all the interns they have had!

I hope everyone's summer is going well!

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