Monday, June 1, 2009

Drew's 2nd entry

I did a story today on one of the local high school graduations. The situation that we have dug ourselves into at KTVQ is one where if we cover one high school graduation, people complain if we don't cover all of them. Ah, you must be thinking, then why just not cover any of them. The answer, my friends, is that Sunday evenings in Billings, Montana are largely uneventful. Therefore, tonight (which is a Monday) I was assigned to cover the graduation. I ended up doing a package on it, mainly focusing on the aphabetical nature of the graduation procession. I interviewed the first person to receive their diploma and the last person, as well as a girl whose name was the most difficult to pronounce. The piece came off well despite the 30 minutes I had to edit the story upon returning from the shoot. It will be on KTVQ.COM if you want to watch it, but be warned, definitely not my best work... and that says a lot.

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