Thursday, June 25, 2009

Here it is, week three in the KECI Creative Designs Department and I have been doing more of the same which is pretty cool since everyday is a different project for a different client. Shooting, lighting, editing, and making commercials. Some are different types of shoots that want artistic flowing shots with the jib arm and some of them just want to be in front of the camera telling about their product or business. Editing on Adobe Premier seems to be pretty easy and it is a Mark friendly program. Also been in Photoshop, which during school I did'nt grasp it very well, so I like the chance to get in and hone my skills.
I start with the second semester of the beautiful German language during second session of summer school so I will be coming in for only half days for the nest five weeks. Wish me luck (I need it).
I hope that everybody is having a great summer and having fun at thier internship. Sorry that yours has to end Buddy. Nice work on the Mt. on a Dime story, Marnee. KECI is putting together something similar.
I would post some pictures but I don't think that they would be suitable for this kid friendly blog. 'Til next time...

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