Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Real Hurt Locker

Here's my entry from Friday on taking "The Hurt Locker" title seriously and drawing up what it would look like.

The Real Hurt Locker

I thought I'd also take a few lines and explain what I actually do. It's rather simple, really. I read the entertainment and sports news every morning and then I take on whatever I find interesting. I do one posting for sports and one for entertainment every day (3 from the two on Mondays and Fridays). I usually look for a key word that makes my imagination run, or I just take things literally (like in "The Hurt Locker" piece above). If the news is bland for the day, I'll just look for something that I can make fun of and go off in a non-topical direction. I often do photoshop pieces (as it's my strength), or I'll often do fake news articles (my newspaper writing style would be considered "loose"). Sometimes I'll just see something silly and write my opinion on it.

Other than that, I also do a lot of graphics or photoshops for other interns and my editor (even if some interns ask for something that takes me all day and then don't use them!), so that actually takes up the lion's share of my day when I get called on to do that. We also compile a top-2o list for various topics each week, research National Lampoon movies for future web paes, research holidys for humor bits and games, and research advertising on competitor websites.

Phew! That's about it, really. It's been a fun and fast six weeks, so far, and I'm sure the remaining weeks will be the same.

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