Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Week 4 at KFBB

Last week I covered the shooting in Helena. It was such a sad event, but also a story any reporter would love to cover. We don't have a scanner here in the bureau office, so I heard from my boyfriend that there had been a shooting and called the reporter I work under. She ran to the office and got the camera and I met her down at the police station for the press conference. After the press conference we went out and got broll of cop cars and did MOS interviews for the website. We were up filming, writing, and editing from 11pm to 2 am. It was quite the experience! The following day I did a package on Helena reacting to the shooting. I did MOS interviews and fronted the package.

I learned a lot doing the package. I am learning how to communicate working in bureau. I am learning to work under deadline and edit quickly. I am learning to edit in my camera. I am working under Christina Marrazza. She is a sassy 24 year old from New Jersey with a business background. I am having a great experience.

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natalie neumann said...

Hahaha, Christina is very sassy! Tell her hello! :)

...weird but I do miss Helena a little bit every once in a while!