Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Breaking News In DC

Today was a crazy day!!! After us interns got back from lunch we were told there was a shooting at the Holocaust Museum. One of the reporters went down to the Museum, which is close to the Capitol to cover it. Later we were pulled into the quest to find out who the shooter was, where he lived, who the victims were, etc. etc.

One intern went with the senior reporter to where the shooter lived. While the other intern and I were finding information for other reporters who were compiling stories, taking to the Jewish communities in the district, ect. We made phone calls to find out if Hillel groups were doing anything tonight, tried accessing court documents from the shooter who was charged and convicted of crimes in 1981, searched the net, busy busy! But it was great! And I even got to file a story on the security officer who died which will air in the morning.

So sad that this happened and people like that are still out there...but on the upside us interns gained vast amounts of knowledge of working in the newsroom.

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