Thursday, June 11, 2009

Soldier Radio and Television - Week 1

Hey guys!
I'm wrapping up my first week in DC and loving it already. I started at Soldier Radio and Television, the r-tv department of the U.S. army, on Tuesday. That first day they let me and the other intern voice a radio package that aired on the army radio stations; it was pretty cool. We had to go through tons and tons of paperwork, but I now have my own security badge and clearance into both the Pentagon and the Defense Department - also pretty cool. I have learned lots of new tricks on Avid, which will be super helpful.
Wednesday we got to voice another radio package and work on some script writing and story research. Today we sat in on some meetings, wrote some radio script, and did some research. Saturday will be exciting - we are going to the White House for a shoot - awesome! I'm really pumped.
I am living in an apartment on the Georgetown campus and taking a couple of classes here. I'm having a blast and hope all of you are too!

Katrina Heser

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University of Montana Radio-Television Department said...

You should try to look up Gen. Colleen McGuire at the Pentagon. She's a UM alum in RTV. She's heading to Iraq soon.

Also, look up Garrison Courtney at Homeland Security--another UM alum.