Wednesday, June 3, 2009

1st story in DC-a size 8 radio market

Hello everybody! I started my first week interning at public radio station WAMU 88.5 in DC this week. On day two I was assigned to cover a conference on progressives gathering and I spoke with Congresswoman Donna Edwards who serves in our listening area. Check it out here:
It's the story entitled: Progressives Convene In Washington

So far there are 3 interns including myself, and I'm the only one with any broadcast experience. The other interns don't know how to use adobe audition...which is a tad frustrating because I have to take them under my wing a bit and show them how to use the program and the recording equipment and such.

We brainstormed our big project for the summer today and we're hoping to pull together a series on the economy and education. We're still ironing out the details but we're planning on pieces like getting into college and how people are going to pay for it, graduating (college) in a recession and the next step: the jobless job hunt or going to grad school. Should be fun to talk to some locals in this situation.

More later and much j-school love,

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