Wednesday, July 2, 2008

intense voter registration canvass-ers!

Hey guys, Stacy here. Yesterday I didn't get to do much, but today was fantastically busy!

First of all, my Wednesday dayside shift is by far my favorite.
On Tues & Thurs I work nightside; in other words, I arrive for the 2pm meeting & then no one has time for me until after the 5pm newscast. I love helping Kim update the website but there are online-specific-interns here on Tues & Thurs.

Shane is my favorite producer because he lets me rewrite a lot of stories (and then i get to hear my phrasing used on-air) and he coaches me one-on-one to help me actually improve. (whereas some of the other producers just rewrite what i've written without fully explaining what i did wrong or how i could improve.) But Shane only works morning-side shifts on weekends and Wednesday mornings. I worked with him this morning...but his shift ends after the 11am show.

So, today I got to:
*pitch ideas at the 9am morning meeting
*write the readers for the 11am show with Shane using the AP wires and video on Pathfire from other ABC affiliates.
*work on the website with Kim (incidently we were celebrating her birthday today, but it's her 3rd one this year because she was adopted and no-one knows her birthdate)

*and, since i wrote an online story from scratch, (because I didn't base it off an AP wire or newspaper article or package... instead I started with a short Press Release e-mail and did a lot of research to complete my story) I got my name published as the byline for the story! Since i intern in such a large market, I don't get to take credit for many things I do... Overall I'm just grateful for the experience but it was so great to see my name on a published article! Even though it was an article on the danger of fireworks, the number of injuries was disturbingly high (and the photos were gruesome!)

you can check out my Fireworks article at this link:

*I have a new favorite photog! His name is Alan, and we shot a story today on a nonprofit group walking around with voter registration forms in the ghetto of Denver in an effort to encourage young adults, minorities, and low-income communities to participate in the upcoming election. The reporter couldn't go because she was on another story, so i got to do everything! We shot 4 interviews and B-roll of their daily volunteer orientation and lots of shots of them at bus stops... where some of them got so excited that they basically harassed some of the locals.

A reporter named Jane is assigned to turn it as a PKG for Thurs or Fri (depending on what other stories come up on those days, since this one isn't timely and will be just as newsworthy tomorrow as it is today.)

I am planning on writing my own PKG version for practice & possibly for my resume tape. The edit bays, however, are busy until the 5pm newscast starts, and I leave at 5:30. That gives me a side-project to work on all day tomorrow. I just hope that I can get into an edit bay long enough to ingest the tape (aka digitalize it onto the Aurora server.)

that's all for now folks!

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