Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ah Weekends

Its surprising that in the space of twenty-four hours how quickly the attitude in KPAX goes from serious to ah who the hell cares. Weekends are great that way. With everything done by four except for one or two things, weekends are mostly spent goofing off. Or complaining about whatever is annoying us at that point. And one cant forget the weekend Wheel. It just wouldn't be the weekend with out the glorious thirty minutes that is the weekend Wheel. Top it of with a 60 Sports Cart blasted during commercials, and its a fun time to be had. Working hard but mostly hardly working, that is the weekend. And I have really nothing left to say since nothing is never new now. The joys of working such a repetitive job. I know have the board mostly memorized and caught myself a few times just pushing (the right) buttons without actually seeing what i was pushing. Comes in handy when you have all of six seconds to clear out MLE 1, punch the next Nexio on MLE 1, set up a wipe and then wiping to MLE 1, while listening to three people talking and the TV. The years of multitasking are paying off!

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