Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Community Service cont...

Okay, so the Arts Festival was so much fun!
I've always loved working with kids, so I had no trouble recruiting participants and encouraging them. After each one participated, we gave them buttons that say "I'm a Jr. Weathercaster!" Some kids got extremely camera-shy, but others were hams! Plenty of kids lined up over and over to do it again.

Each participant got to choose either: Flood, Blizzard, Storm, or 5-Day Forecast w/State (CO) Temps on it... they could see themselves in screens in front of and on either side of them as they performed. After each "weathercast" the participant(s) got to see themselves broadcasted (on a 35-second-delay) on 2 big screen TVs outside of our tent/booth. I held their hands, handed them mics, and held up cue-cards at eye-level for each of them... And I even got a green volunteer t-shirt for it. It was truly a rewarding experience.

Yesterday I helped out with another KMGH service project: putting together packets to send to every business in Colorado nominated for the ABC "A-List Businesses". The other interns, the folks in marketing, and I created an assembly line to put together each packet... it had several papers in it, a fancy channel7 folder, and a cardboard plaque to put up in the window of their business to show that they had been nominated. There were many more little pieces to each packet, and it was crucial that we match the correct address sticker with the addressed letter inside. I know that I did at least 300 yesterday! I got to be part of the crew that finished putting together the last section... KMGH marketing had been working on this for 2 full days already, so it was exciting to take part, especially to receive gratitude when we finished sooner than anyone expected us to.
There was a grand total of 9,011 nomination packets made here this week!

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