Monday, July 7, 2008

And the beat goes on . . .

I’ve completed week six of my internship at CCTV! Time is going fast, and I’m enjoying my various duties and projects.

I started this week by helping CCTV to cover Salem’s annual World Beat Festival. They set up their production truck at the main stage and film various performers all day. I saw everything from traditional Japanese Taiko drumming to Polynesian fire dancing. The coolest part, though, was that I got to direct several shows during this festival! My boss was really impressed with my directing skills, and I even got compliments from CCTV’s various seasoned camera operators. Directing concerts is different than news, but I liked it a lot. I had a great time dissolving and cutting to the music, and we did some really cool funky stuff with our handheld cameras.

Also this week I helped with one of CCTV’s bi-weekly programs “Reel Film Snobs.” This is a Siskel and Ebert style film review show, one of the more popular and professional that my station does. They have a pretty big following on the Internet, and I like the look of their show a lot.

I’m keeping up work on my nonprofit video brochures and various editing projects as well. Can’t wait to see samples of what everyone’s been doing this summer!

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Breanna Roy said...

I bet they want to snatch you right up! Sounds like you're doing such great things for them!