Thursday, July 10, 2008

3 breaking news days in a row :)

Hey Everyone...
I'm still going out with reporters at Q6...practicing doing standups and ins and outs to packages...Last Sunday we were on our way back to the station to be done for the day when we came upon a brush fire in a spokane park...then after we had done some live cut-ins the pio told us they found two claymore mines, which are explosive military devices, so they sent in spokane pd, and they confirmed it and sent in was pretty crazy, but good because i got to practice some breaking news...then monday we went up north of sandpoint for some more breaking news on a guy who robbed a liquor store (less than 40 dollars worth) and it ended in a 6-7 mile chase with police and police shot and fataly wounded the guy....And finally to make it three breaking news days in a row we went to this lame kitchen fire tuesday that was out before we got there, but a couple hours later we were notified that the fire had started because the owner was making meth and the house was actually a meth that was kind of exciting fun...I have until Saturday off...but I'm hoping for some more breaking news when I get back...oh and one last thing...they told me Tuesday they might have me do some web coverage of the olympics so that would be pretty sweet...and I'm also working on a project for them with all of the GSL schools...Thats all for now...hope everyone is doing great!!!

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