Thursday, July 3, 2008

And then it was done...

Hard to believe, six weeks at Loopline Film, nearly two months abroad. 

Tomorrow will be my last day, and naturally it's a mixture of the pluses and minuses. I'm very exited to come home and get a half-summer in beautiful MT. A lot of floating, fishing, and...foresting is what I'm hopin' for. I also get to spend four days in Greece before I head back, so it could be worse.

But I'm also depressed to be leaving right now, you know? I feel like I've just gotten to know everyone and my way around the different projects we're working on. having to leave three different films in different stages of incompletion is certainly anti-climactic. And I couldn't help but smirk when one of the employees said, "Yeah I think we're in denial. You know, if you could have stayed around a little longer I think there would have been a lot of really great stuff. We could have even maybe started to pay you!"
I take that with a grain of salt, but I thanked her.

Today and tomorrow I'll be wrapping up (as best as I can) and compiling the different things I've done. A thick binder labeled "Dan Boyce's Loopline Film Projects" now sits on the shelf.

All said and done, I'm thrilled with the experience I have gained and the perspective I've seen over here across the pond. It's been formative and invaluable.

So take care all. Enjoy yourselves,


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University of Montana Radio-Television Department said...

Safe travels home Dan. Thanks for your great posts.