Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Weeks 6 & 7: One month remaining

First and foremost, it was wonderful seeing Melissa Berry in Madison last weekend! We shared Midwest stories on State Street and I loved every moment.

Since I've last written I've interviewed former senator George McGovern, stayed up all night covering a downtown fire in Orange City Iowa, and met with a rural family from Turkey Ridge, South Dakota.

I think I'm the only intern here who hasn't had to do a firework story yet, we've had big news with a 23-year-old man dying from a sprinkler bomb. Also plenty of court cases to go around...

I finished up my final reporting rotation. I'm on my last producing week before I cap off the internship with a 4-week web shift, where I'll act as copy editor as I convert broadcast stories to web copy and probably fill in reporting a few of those days.

I still haven't "worked" a day yet!

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Melissa said...

Bre it was so good seeing you too!! I'll put the pics on facebook soon! Can't wait to see you again in Missoula.