Monday, July 14, 2008

we've been on the run driving in the sun looking out for number one california here we come right back where we started from

owen and i drove to L.A. after a brief layover in Las Vegas. I'm at Ignition Creative, a trailer production company. they do theatrical trailers as well as home enterainment (dvds/blu ray) and video game ads. So far it's been pretty fun, i got thrown into the editorial department. the assistant editors get calls from the editors and producers asking various tasks. i've had to digitize some movies, which means i have to watch them. Box office movies aren't as fun to watch as made in montana or news packages but it has to be done. Other tasks are random, like make sequences of when something in particular happens that is a theme for a trailer. Or, record times of sound FX or songs used so exact royalties are paid. Nothing serious this first week, working 40 hour weeks, need to start drinking coffee.

Other than that I am constantly mistaken for a younger version of George Clooney in between getting kicked out of the Viper room and trying not to get beat up by the freaks @ venice beach.

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