Thursday, July 3, 2008

Back to blogger-land

Hello all. So somehow I got booted off this website and couldn't post so I'll do a quick re-cap of the past few weeks now that I'm back in blogger-land.

So the past ten days there have been over 100 new InterVarsity staff in Madison for Orientation (ONS--orientation for new staff). So 2100 has been staffing the conference which included set-up and running audio and powerpoint for all the sessions. It was actually pretty fun and I enjoyed the behind the scenes stuff. We tore it all down yesterday which took about 3 hours and loaded it into the big ol' truck to come back to the office. And also as part of ONS there was a day the new staff came here to the NSC (national service center) to see the various departments and what we do to serve them. Anyway--all that to say we had an olymic theme open house and 2100 decided to go with a Wheaties theme. So we all put our heads on Wheaties boxes and made a giant Wheaties box for them to take their pictures on and made Wheaties snacks and decorations. It was pretty awesome.

Anyway--we got to pitch our video ideas to the main guru's around here which was extremely nerve racking. I'm working with another intern named Sarah and our idea got approved (!!!) so now we are working on more and more script development and story boarding. The idea for the piece is super creative and involves a person telling a story of Urbana (a missions conference) through art. It's hard to explain but I think the end product will be really neat and I can't wait to get to edit it together. They want it done by the time we leave--which is great.

I'm headed to Milwaukee this weekend with the interns to go to summerfest. And Bre is coming through on Sunday--can't wait to see her! Life is great here--I love Madison and can't believe the summer is half way done.

Until next week.

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